BAM-FX® is a plant defense priming technology that activates a plant’s innate immune system. This enhances nutrient availability and strengthens the plant’s natural defenses to biotic and abiotic stress factors throughout the crop life cycle, resulting in greater yield and quality.

BAM-FX, Gardener's Choice

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Use BAM-FX Gardener’s Choice® on shrubs, trees, fruit, vegetables and flowers to help resolve micronutrient deficiencies and have more vibrant robust plants.

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About BAM-FX®

Breakthrough Technology

BAM-FX plant defense priming technology utilizes the latest scientific discoveries in biochemistry, agronomy and chemical engineering to enhance nutrition efficiency, biotic and abiotic stress tolerance, and crop quality.

How BAM-FX Works

BAM-FX works by activating a plant’s innate immunity. Development of defense genes, achieved through enhanced plant metabolism, allows for increased nutrient absorption and use and systemic resistance to biotic and abiotic stress factors.

Increased ROI

Higher profit margins are achievable through increased yield and farm crop value, the ability to save crops that would otherwise have to be destroyed, and the potential for reduction in NPK’s and/or other crop protection inputs.

Crop Case Studies

Extensive field trials have been conducted worldwide on a large variety of crops across a broad range of climates and conditions that have consistently demonstrated the enhanced value and efficacy of using BAM-FX as a part of a grower’s program.

Results You Can See

Science Behind BAM-FX

“BAM-FX is the solution to some of my biggest problems. BAM is powerful to all plants. So I suggest everyone learn more about BAM, BAM-FX.” ~ Rohan Marley


We’ve been using BAM-FX for about six months on our commercial nursery and farm company and have shortened our harvestable regrowth from 73 days to 58 days, with excellent success with regrowth on other crops.

Ron Trunk
Owner, Iron Mountain Nursery & Farm Stage Coach, NV

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Amazing product! Really works! I had a chance to use Gardener’s Choice this summer on my tomato plants in my garden… After four weeks, applying Gardener’s Choice every 7 to 10 days to the plant foliage and soil, I was amazed at the difference… Read More >

Chris K.
Cincinatti, Ohio

Read All BAM-FX Gardener’s Choice Testimonials >

Importance of the Microbiome of Soil

The microbiome is not only the most important ingredient of soil, it can actually be considered to be the main identifying feature of what we call soil…

109,000 Member National Black Farmers Association Endorses BAM-FX Agricultural Product

“We believe in the approach that BAM-FX technology utilizes to produce powerful plants with the ability to employ natural immune defenses” ~John W. Boyd, Jr., President of the National Black Farmers Association.

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. and Rohan Marley Sign a Spokesperson and Marketing Collaboration Agreement

Rohan Marley, son of Bob Marley, to represent the Company’s commercial agricultural technology,  BAM-FX®, in the rapidly expanding legal hemp and cannabis grower markets, the world’s coffee growing markets and other agricultural segments.

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc.’s Subsidiary, Specialty Agricultural Solutions, Inc., Announces Plans to Build upon the Initial Success and Users’ Acceptance of BAM-FX in the Legal Hemp and Cannabis Industry

The recent introduction of BAM-FX® to the legal hemp and cannabis grower markets has confirmed BAM-FX’s ability to accelerate early vegetative growth as well as increase yield, quality, and biomass.

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. Announces the Introduction of BAM-FX, its Proprietary Agricultural Product, to the Rapidly Growing Legal Hemp and Cannabis Market Segments

Based on trials conducted over the past year in Humboldt and Mendocino counties in California and other locations, BAM-FX has demonstrated its ability to increase yield and quality, while also lowering the cost and use of other inputs, thereby increasing growers’ return on investment.

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. and its Wholly-Owned Subsidiary, BAM Agricultural Solutions, Inc., Announce that Bob Schaar, its Strategic Avocado Advisor, was Appointed to the USDA Hass Avocado Board

Mr. Schaar has worked closely with our Company for the last three years and has provided invaluable guidance and trial work on his avocado growing operation, Rancho Los Lobos, in Fallbrook, CA.

BAM-FX Technology Featured in 2018 edition of NASA Spinoff Magazine

NASA Spinoff highlights innovative technologies with origins in human space exploration for NASA missions that benefit society. Our agricultural product, developed to increase nutrition for astronauts is providing solutions that positively impact agriculture here on Earth.

BAM Agricultural Solutions Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement for the Country of Mexico 

“BAM-FX can enhance productivity to improve competitiveness on a global scale and contribute to making internal crops more accessible to the Mexican population,” stated Pedro Lichtinger. 

Zero Gravity Solutions’ Wholly-owned Subsidiary, BAM Agricultural Solutions, to Introduce BAM-FX Technology to the Emerging World Market for Legal Cannabis and Hemp

Data from trials in Mendocino and Humboldt counties in California showed an acceleration of vegetative growth and a significant increase in yield and quality.

BAM-FX Successfully Delivered to International Space Station

Experiment to Study the Effects of BAM-FX on Seedling Growth and Nutrition in Microgravity.

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