BAM-FX® Chemistry

  • The BAM-FX formula is made up of Positively Charged Ionic Molecules = Bioavailable Mineral Nutrient Fertilizer- BAM-FX
  • BAM-FX is a highly positively charged cationic Zinc2+ and cationic Copper2+ solution balanced together in a specific ratio, along with sulfate and ammonium.
  • Positive electrical charge and the molecular structure allow BAM-FX to easily cross or diffuse through crop plant cellular membranes of leaves and roots.
  • The BAM-FX formula appears to help plants counteract the reactive oxygen species and free radical formation often created inside environmentally stressed plants due to flooding, excessive heat, drought, over-fertilization, wind and excessive chemical use, frost damage, excess salt and boron.
  • When applied as a soil drench BAM-FX stimulates root growth and, due to its low pH, BAM-FX also helps solubilize minerals in the soil which allows crop plants to uptake ions that are often times unavailable in the soil matrix.
  • Extensive field trials on a large variety of crops across a broad range of climates and conditions have consistently demonstrated the enhanced value and efficacy of using BAM-FX as a part of a growers crop plant mineral nutrition program