BAM-FX® Chemistry


  • The BAM-FX formula is a superior bioavailable micronutrient formulation for plants, which enhances plant establishment. This growth response enables crop plant roots to reach more nutrients and water, which increases yields and vigor.
  • BAM-FX is a cationic Zinc2+ sulfate and Copper2+ sulfate solution balanced together in a specific ratio resulting in a highly bioavailable, uniquely formulated, precision micronutrient blend.
  • The unique BAM-FX proprietary blend contains only the best quality and most bio-available forms of micronutrients for plant nutrition on the market.
  • BAM-FX has a lower pH, which helps keep micronutrients in the substrate in a free, unbound, soluble form that is more accessible to roots.
  • The ability of BAM-FX to lower pH, together with its positively charged bioavailable mineral content, allows nutrients to cross and diffuse through plant cellular membranes into leaves and roots easily and effectively.
  • Extensive BAM-FX field trials on a large variety of crops across a broad range of climates and conditions have consistently demonstrated the superior yields at harvest due to enhanced rooting, increased plant growth and better fruit or grain development.