Gardener's Choice


BAM-FX® Gardener’s Choice is a ready to use formula of BAM-FX, a patented liquid micronutrient-containing product for plants currently being introduced commercially into world agriculture. NOW AVAILABLE FOR THE RETAIL HOME AND GARDEN MARKET.


This solution of special ionic minerals, designed for easy uptake by plants, naturally fortifies the plant against many potential plant stresses. The result is that GARDENER’S CHOICE can not only correct nutrient deficiencies in plants, but may also increase abundance, quality and nutrition of your plants. GARDENER’S CHOICE can be used as a standalone product or is compatible with and enhances the performance of other products, such as fertilizers and micronutrients.


The formula used in GARDENER’S CHOICE was originally developed on the International Space Station for NASA astronauts to use on long duration space missions to sustain plant growth. This formula is now also showing extraordinary results here on Earth.

Gardener’s Choice Testimonials

I decided to use Gardener’s Choice on my cut Christmas tree when I heard the product works well on cut flowers. So, I sprayed the entire tree and put a small amount into water in the stand. The next day, we saw a noticeable difference. It seemed fuller with a brighter green color… Read More >

Rachel K.

Tuscaloosa, Alabama

I received a few of samples of Gardener’s Choice at the recent tradeshow and decided to try the product on my greenhouse plants. We are a small landscape business that relies on the planting business and we grow most of our own plants during the winter months. I used the product on…
Read More >

John M.

Accent Landscaping , Anderson, Ohio

Amazing product! Really works! I had a chance to use Gardener’s Choice this summer on my tomato plants in my garden. I had four plants and decided to use Gardener’s Choice on two of the plants and normal care for the other two plants. After four weeks, applying Gardener’s Choice…
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Chris K.

Cincinnati, Ohio


  • All-purpose formula
  • Higher yields/increased biomass
  • Higher quality fruits and vegetables
  • Improves nutrients in the plant and soil
  • More robust rooting/root system
gardener's choice
  • Improved germination and viability
  • Faster ripening/earlier flowering
  • Accelerated plant development
  • Improved stress tolerance to environmental and chemical stresses such as frost damage, heat, drought and/or excess nutrients or metals
BAM-FX Gardener's Choice, gardener's choice
BAM-FX, Gardener's Choice
BAM-FX, Gardener's Choice, gardener's choice