Nutrient Delivery

BAM-FX  is an ionic nutrient delivery system. It can be used as a stand-alone product or in conjunction with other products, such as standard NPK fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides.

BAM-FX is a more precise way to maximize plant mineral nutrition, which results in a more robust crop with greater yields. Initially developed to promote growth of plants in space for use by NASA astronauts on extended voyages to Mars and beyond, BAM-FX allows for the efficient uptake of its minerals and other soil micronutrients into the cells of plants through a well balanced ionic formula.

Whether applied by foliar spray or as a soil drench, the science of BAM-FX helps the uptake of micronutrients that are oftentimes unavailable to the plant. This provides plants the ability to grow larger, produce more biomass and potentially cope with environmental stresses such as frost damage, heat or drought.

How does the BAM-FX® formula transport highly bio-available, balanced, ionic minerals?

Most micronutrient products on the market that are advertised as “bio-available minerals” have minerals that are bonded by salts; this requires the plant to expend excessive amounts of energy to separate the ionic minerals from the salt. The ionic minerals in BAM-FX are not bonded with salt and therefore will be translocated to the entire plant after being introduced by drench or leaf treatments.

The energy in a plant treated with BAM-FX Plant Mineral Solution is increased greatly and the saved energy is directed toward transporting the ionic minerals to locations in the plant that are deficient in the needed minerals, this allows the plant to open up metabolic pathways utilizing the added energy needed to systemically utilize additional micro and macronutrients that are latent in the soil.

BAM-FX is more fully absorbed, preventing mineral salts that can cause run-off into streams and well water. BAM-FX has demonstrated the uptake of other minerals while breaking down the salts in the soil and establishes higher levels of nutrient utilization meaning the plant is actually taking additional nutrients not seen in studies with controls. As a result, macronutrient fertilizers may be used more sparingly. Opening new metabolic pathways allows plants, supplemented with BAM-FX, to achieve superior growth and health and a higher nutritional value.

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