BAM-FX 1 Gallon


BAM-FX® is the KEY to powerful plants™. View description and application instructions below.

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BAM-FX® is the KEY to Powerful Plants®. Initially developed for use by NASA astronauts to grow fresh, robust and nutrient-dense food crops in space, BAM-FX offers significant benefits for plants here on Earth. When BAM-FX is used as part of a standard protocol, it changes (without genetic modification) the plant’s physiology to activate an innate immune response to greatly enhance metabolic pathways for nutrient absorption and promote the development of defense genes that cope with stress throughout the crop life cycle. The result is more robust plants with greater yield and quality.


Foliar Spray Application:  Mix 5 – 10 mL (1 – 2 tsp) per gallon of water. Do not exceed 16 oz./acre. For young, non-established plants, mix 2.5 mL (½ tsp) per gallon of water. Apply every 7 – 10 days.

Soil Application: Mix at a rate of 8 – 10 mL  (1½-2 tsp) per gallon of water. Do not adjust pH. Apply every 7 – 14 days.

Consult technical representative for specific rates and compatibility.

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Additional information

Weight 128 oz

Observed results and independent lab analyses have demonstrated:

· Earlier flowering
· Increased yield
· Greater biomass
· Improved sugar (Brix) content
· May allow for reduced amounts of base fertilizer
· Works great with city or well water
· Significantly increased fruit weight
· Improved plant nutrient status
· Improved seed germination and seedling survival rates
· Markedly improved tolerance to and recovery from environmental stresses (e.g., frost damage, heat or drought).


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