BAM-FX, BAM-FX 16 oz

Customer Testimonials

Chris K., Cincinnati, Ohio

"Amazing product! Really works! I had a chance to use Gardener’s Choice this summer on my tomato plants in my garden… After four weeks, applying Gardener’s Choice every 7 to 10 days to the plant foliage and soil, I was amazed at the difference... "

Inga B., Cincinnati, Ohio

“This year I started late planting my tomatoes... I’m truly amazed how quickly the plants have grown and already producing tomatoes (almost ready to pick and eat) in less than 30 days!! The plants look healthy and seem to be stronger..."

John M., Anderson, Ohio

“I used the product on our hanging basket plants... We applied Gardener’s Choice to the soil first and then, as the plants grew, to the foliage. To our amazement, the plants have really taken off... "

Rachel K., Tuscaloosa, Alabama

“I decided to use Gardener’s Choice on my cut Christmas tree when I heard the product works well on cut flowers. So, I sprayed the entire tree and put a small amount into water in the stand. The next day, we saw a noticeable difference... "

Ron Trunk, Stage Coach, Nevada

Owner, Iron Mountain Nursery & Farm

“We’ve been using BAM-FX for about six months on our commercial nursery and farm company and have shortened our harvestable regrowth from 73 days to 58 days, with excellent success... "

John L. Freeman, PhD

NASA Ames Research Park

“I have used BAM-FX on multiple crops for both farm and greenhouse production... the product is very beneficial as a precision agricultural product for efficiently supplying highly bio-available forms of Zinc & Copper sulfate to crops and is very effective.."

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