Summary of Application of BAM-FX with Abamectin Insecticide


This is a short summary of the results/conditions that I have observed in my Avocado Groves since my spray application of Abamectin (for Persea mite) with ¼ oz. per gallon of BAM-FX included per acre (at 75 gal/acre dilution). By the time the actual spraying was performed, there were numerous “hot spots” appearing in different locations within the blocks of trees.  BAM-FX was incorporated into the actual mixed solution with the insecticide and applied using a helicopter aerial application in August. The temperature at the time of spraying was 83 degrees.

Initial results observed were:


1. Day after application, the trees seemed to “perk up” a little bit. (Normally, they look a little “stressed” right after the insecticide application).

2. Within 7 days after the application, I notice a “late” new leaf flush beginning in most of the blocks of trees.

  • The flush was most prevalent on the younger trees; however, the older ones also responded to the BAM-FX application a little later.

3. My conclusion is that the incorporation of BAM-FX into the mix helped the trees (vigorwise) to be able to continue to push new growth and replace many of the leaves that had been heavily damaged by the buildup of the Persea mite.

4. Part of the initial hypothesis was that BAM-FX could improve the uptake of the Abamectin into the trees and possibly increase the efficacy/residual control time of the Abemectin.

5. We will be closely watching the trees for insect control with Scirtothrips, which is sometimes a problem staring in late fall or early spring.



In summary, I believe that BAM-FX definitely helped the trees by providing a nutrient boost for the avocado trees, enabling them to more effectively absorb insecticide.  I also think that including BAM-FX in the spraying routine is an excellent way to get the zinc and other micro-nutrients into the tree in a cost effective way.

Bob Schaar,
Rancho Los Lobos Avocado Growers

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