BOCA RATON, Fla.— (September 10, 2020), – Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc.  (“ZGSI” or the “Company”) (Pink Sheets: ZGSI), an agricultural biotechnology company, has a filed unique patent application relating to the mitigation, treatment and control of viral, fungal and bacterial diseases affecting specific crops worldwide with innovative BAM technology.

Extensive trials conducted internationally and domestically have consistently demonstrated BAM’s preventative and curative effects on multiple pathogens.  The Company has targeted four core crops, which are facing potentially catastrophic effects from diseases and currently have no effective treatments:

  • Citrus:  affected by HLB or citrus greening disease which, over a number of years, kills the tree;
  • Olives:  affected by Xylella fastidiosa, which has killed millions of trees in Italy and is now threatening olive trees in Spain, Greece and the United States;
  • Coffee:  affected by Coffee Leaf Rust, a fungus, which causes the leaves to fall, reducing coffee harvest yields, and eventually kills the tree; and
  • Bananas:  affected by Panama R4, or banana wilt, severely decreasing yield and crop quality.

The Company’s positive results from trials on citrus and olives form a portion of the data submitted to the US Patent and Trademark Office with the Company’s unique patent application on August 28, 2020. Plans to test the efficacy of this new product in coffee and banana are currently in progress.

“The BAM technology platform has demonstrated its’ ability to act as an elicitor which activates the plant’s innate immune system; thereby activating a process known as priming. This mechanism enables plants to utilize its’ own immune system and defensive genes to enable the plant to defend itself against these pathogens”, stated Dr. Ravi Pottathil, Zero Gravity Solutions’ Chief Science Officer.

BAM-FX® is a product commercially available and in use today designed to help farmers increase crop yields, improve crop quality, and deliver solid return on investment (ROI).  With these newly filed and unique patent applications, BAM has established a robust innovation platform for plant disease mitigation and control that may prove to be truly transformative for world agriculture production”, stated Harvey Kaye, ZGSI’s Chairman of the Board.

“Our research and trial efforts are expected to provide major benefits for ZGSI in the next few fiscal quarters as BAM continues to penetrate core crops and addresses the needs of these target markets, all of which are losing multiple billions of dollars in product revenue annually. The innovation of our new BAM technology platform extends the Company’s commercial product offering and broadens opportunities for collaborative product distribution and multiple licensing revenue streams”, stated Timothy Peach, ZGSI’s Chief Executive Officer.

About Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc.

Zero Gravity Solutions, Inc. is an agricultural biotechnology public company (Pink Sheets: ZGSI), with technology derived from and designed for Space with significant applications here on Earth. These technologies are focused on providing valuable solutions to challenges facing world agriculture. The commercialization activities are being executed through ZGSI’s two operating subsidiaries, BAM Agricultural Solutions, Inc. and Specialty Agricultural Solutions, Inc.

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